iGoCrypto University
iGoCrypto University offers education on how to tap into the opportunities and freedoms offered by Bitcoin, crypto-currencies and blockchains.
The Main Documentary (Bitcoin: The End of Money)
  • Bitcoin: The End of Money
Interviews and Bonus Material
  • Interview: Andreas Antonopoulous
  • Interview: Andreas Antonopoulos on Bitcoins and Gravy
  • Interview: Bernard Von Nothaus
  • Interview: Patrick Byrne CEO of Overstock on Bitcoins and Gravy
  • Interview: Bruce Fenton
  • Interview: Jeffrey A Tucker
  • Interview: Mark Bainbridge
  • Interview: Matt Miller
  • Interview: Michael Casey, Columinist at The Wallstreet Journal
  • Interview: Nicholas Gruen, CEO of Lateral Economics
  • The Bitcoin Song: Ode To Satoshi
  • Interview: Roger Ver
  • Interview: Ryan Zhou
  • Overview of The Bitcoin Triangle
Wallets & Security
  • Module Overview
  • What Is A Bitcoin Wallet?
  • How To Make Your Wallet Secure
  • Setting Up Your Bitcoin Wallet
  • How to backup your wallet
  • How to restore your wallet
  • Taking your wallet mobile
  • Module Conclusion
Transactions & Privacy
  • Module Overview
  • The Basics Of Receiving - iGoCrypto Version
  • How Transaction Fees Work
  • The Basics Of Sending
  • Inspecting Transaction Details
  • How To Buy More Bitcoin
  • Module Conclusion
  • Making - Module Intro
  • Search Google and Earn Bitcoin
  • Earn Bitcoin From Social Networking
  • Receiving Your Existing Salary In Bitcoin
  • Buying and Holding Bitcoin
  • Do Jobs Online and Earn Bitcoin
  • Sell Products And Services For BTC
  • Become A Bitcoin Trader
  • Work For The Network Itself
  • Mine Your Own Bitcoins - The Easy Way
  • Mine Your Own Bitcoins - The Advanced Way
  • Accept Bitcoin As Payment
  • Earn Bitcoin For Your Photography
  • Invest In New Businesses
  • Retail Arbitrage
  • Rent Out Your Hard Drive Space
  • Lend Out Your Bitcoin
  • Give Away Lottery Tickets And Earn Money
  • Making - Module Conclusion
  • Saving - Module Intro
  • Saving 33% On Everying By Paying Online With Bitcoin
  • Sending Money Internationally
  • Save Your Money From Confiscation And Financial Crisis
  • Saving - Module Conclusion
Bonus Tips
  • Bonus Tips - Module Intro
  • Making Your Bitcoin Impossible To Steal
  • Bitcoin Triangle Course - Conclusion
  • Overview Of The Master Cryptocurrency Trader Course
The Big Secret To Trading Success
  • Introduction To 'The Biggest Secret' Module
  • Shattering The Major Trading Myth
  • How To Become The House So YOU Always Win
  • Trading Strategies Make You The House
  • Trading Your Way Out Of Work
  • Selecting An Appropriate Account Size
  • Stop Thinking About Money And You'll Make More
  • Our Whole Aim For Every Trade
  • Conclusion To 'The Biggest Secret' Module
  • Converting Bitcoin To Gold For Price Stability
Getting Setup With All The Right Tools
  • Introduction To The 'Getting Setup With All The Right Tools' Module
  • Setting Up Your Charting Software
  • Setting Up Two Factor Authentication
  • Setting Up An Exchange Account
  • Enhanced Verification
  • 2FA On The Exchange
  • Connecting The Exchange To The Charting Tool
  • Depositing Your Trading Funds On The Exchange
  • Checking Your Trading Funds Are Available To Use
  • Conclusion To The 'Getting Setup With All The Right Tools' Module
How To Read Price Charts
  • Introduction To The 'How To Read Price Charts' Module
  • Reading A Candle
  • Displaying Different Amounts Of Data
  • Colouring The Chart To Your Liking
  • The Base And The Terms Currency
  • Trading Volume
  • Conclusion To The 'How To Read Price Charts' Module
Technical Analysis
  • Introduction To The 'Technical Analysis' Module
  • Saving Your Analysis
  • Support and Resistence
  • Price Tests
  • Trends and Trend Lines
  • Price Cyclicity
  • Moving Averages
  • Fibonaci Lines
  • Relative Strength Index
  • Conclusion To The 'Technical Analysis' Module
Trading Strategies
  • Introduction To The 'Trading Strategies' Module
  • Reward To Risk Ratio
  • Anatomy Of A Trade
  • Risk Management
  • Trade Sizing
  • Your Trading Journal
  • The Triple Chart Strategy
  • Probability vs Quantity of Opportunity
  • Conclusion To The 'Trading Strategies' Module
  • Falling Knives and Moonshots
Trading Setups
  • Introduction To The 'Trading Setups' Module
  • The Power Bounce
  • The Cash Flow Setup
  • Trading Symmetrical Triangles
  • Trading Ascending Triangles
  • Trading Consolidations
  • Placing and Managing The Trades
  • Conclusion To The 'Trading Setups' Module
Candlestick Patterns
  • Candlestick Patterns Introduction
  • Candlestick Patterns – Basic Patterns (With Music)
  • Candlestick Patterns – Basic Patterns (No Music)
  • Candlestick Patterns - Intermediate Patterns 1 (With Music)
  • Candlestick Patterns - Intermediate Patterns 1 (No Music)
  • Candlestick Patterns - Intermediate Patterns 2 (With Music)
  • Candlestick Patterns - Intermediate Patterns 2 (No Music)
  • Candlestick Patterns - Advanced Patterns
  • Conclusion To The 'Candlestick Patterns' Module
  • Conclusion and Additional Resources
  • Introduction and Overview
Bitcoin - The Technology
  • Exploring The Name
  • Bitcoin - My Formal Definition
  • What is Open Source Software?
  • Who Created Bitcoin?
  • What Is A Software Protocol?
  • What Is A Blockchain?
  • How Is The Bitcoin Network Trustless?
  • What is a Peer to Peer Decentralised Network?
  • Let's Not Forget The Internet
  • The Public Database That Tracks Asset Ownership
  • What Is Cryptography?
  • How is the Bitcoin Network Secured by Consensus?
Bitcoin and Currency
  • What Is Money Really?
  • What's The Difference Between Money and Currency - Part 1
  • What's The Difference Between Money and Currency - Part 2
  • Is Gold Good Money?
  • Is Paper Good Money?
  • Are Crypto-Currencies Good Money?
  • What's The Difference Between Money and Currency? - Part 3
  • Gold Standard Money
  • How Central Banks Fit In
  • The Dollar Standard
Why Our Current System Is Broken
  • Inflation - The Silent Robber
  • The Federal Reserve Is A Private Company
  • All Fiat Currencies In History Have Collapsed
  • Trust And Power Are Centralised In Small Groups
  • Banks Own The Money Deposited In Them
  • Summary - Why Our Current System Is Broken
  • Bonus: How Banks Can Legally Take Your Money
Bitcoin Wallets
  • An Explanation Of Bitcoin Wallets
  • The Different Types of Wallet
  • Desktop Wallet - Bitcoin Core
  • The Best Web and App Wallet To Start With
  • Hardware Wallets - Making Your Bitcoin Almost Impossible To Steal
  • Paper Wallets
  • Multi-Signature Wallets
Supporting The Bitcoin Economy
  • The Different Ways To Participate In Bitcoin
  • Becoming A Bitcoin User
  • Running A Full Bitcoin Node
  • Becoming A Bitcoin Miner
  • Becoming A Bitcoin Developer
How To Get Some Bitcoin
  • How To Get Some Bitcoin - Module Intro
  • Buying Bitcoin With Cash
  • The Simplest Bitcoin Exchange Around
  • Earning Bitcoin Every Time You Google Something
How To Spend Bitcoin
  • Buying From Amazon With Bitcoin
  • eBay With Bitcoin
  • The Ultimate Bitcoin Marketplace
  • A Big List Of Other Places To Use Bitcoin
Conclusion and Next Steps
  • Conclusion
Mission and Philosophy of Our University
There is an abundance of free information available on the internet and in libraries. In fact, Universities such as Princeton, Stanford, Duke, NYU, and UC Berkeley are just a few of many U.S. institutions that have already begun to offer courses focusing upon this new, exciting subject matter. What is lacking, however, is a working plan to help people learn and understand this new arena, regardless of where they live. Therefore, we decided to use the same model that universities use for entire fields of study...we have built a true curriculum!


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